Wednesday, January 18, 2012

She's two

And such a sassy little thing. I know everyone says it, but I can't really believe that this little firecracker is already 2! She's growing up right before my eyes, and yet, at times not quite fast enough:) She may not be the first kid I've survived with to the two's, but she's my first girl.....And let me tell you, she wears me out on so many levels!!!!

She's such a sweet little soul, so loving, kind-hearted, full of life. Always the first to give hugs and kisses and say I'm sorry. She's our little pixie. But don't let her size fool you. This girl can be a handful. She went to the dr. last week for her 2 year check. She weighs 23 (almost 24 pounds) and is only 31 1/2 inches tall. It was so funny. They always tell you what the kids are percentage wise on the charts. Kamdyn's weight and height have always been in very low 3 percent or something. It was funny because our dr. told me she was in the 30th percentile for her weight (last time she was seriously in the 3rd percent or something). I made a comment like, "woo hoo Kamdyn, you are getting up there!" Our dr. just started laughing and said, "but her height isn't." She is 1 percentile for her height. Our little shrimp!!


She's a sweet little lover, but she is also highly opinionated, and, at two, discovering her voice quite well, and test every boundry she can. She cries. A LOT. Life is sure tough when you are two.....And a girl. She's our eater. I'm so thankful for that. Even though she doesn't necessarily like everything I give her, she's at least willing to give it a shot. Such a change from big brother.
I am often at my breaking point with this child before 8 a.m. every day. She is so dramatic. She wears me out! There is lots of whining and crying when it comes to Kamdyn. But I love her so. While I'm so thankful that God knows what we need and gave me two boys, I'm thankful he gave me one little girl to love on as well.

I will share birthday pictures next!!

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