Saturday, January 14, 2012

Finished room, and I'm DEFINITELY sleeping in here now

Several weeks ago, I showed you the makeover of Kamdyn's room. It was mostly done at the time, but I've added a few more things. And it's official, I'm totally in love. And jealous. Wish our room was as fun as Kamdyn's! And really, she could care less right now. She would have been perfectly happy with it the way it was before. But I sure like this better for my only girl!

I decided that I wanted to do some bunting around the top of the room. Mostly just because there was one corner in particular that I felt was way too bare. I could have bought it, but some of the buntings you can buy are kind of pricey. So I got some fun fabric and just did it myself. It was so easy (and a whole lot cheaper than what most places charge for it!) All I had to do was trace/cut out triangles and then straight stitch all of them together. Easy peasy. Here's her finished room!!

We also got her her very own "reading" chair after Christmas. Eli's huge chair like this is just about the most comfortable thing in the world, so I wanted Kamdyn to have one too (mostly just because I wanted a comfortable place to sit when I was in there!) She likes it too though:)
Here's the original reason for doing my bunting (or Nepalese prayer flags as B refers to them:)- they remind him of the prayer flags you see at the top of Mt. Everest) I felt like this corner was too empty. The picture frames were just a last minute add in. The kids have a book (it's actally you are my sunshine), and Kamdyn loves to read it and sing the song too. I also just love the pictures and colors in the book. So I just scanned the pages and printed them off on computer paper and then framed them and hung them up.
Her room makes me happy:) I hope she thinks so too when she get older!

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