Sunday, January 1, 2012

It' January 1, so let's talk about Christmas:)

Christmas came and went in a whirlwind. I always feel like it is so far off, then it sneaks up on me, and before I have time to blink, it's over. We've finally dug out of the mess that became our house.....the toys and trash were overtaking it. And I was losing my's very possible that I'm still crazy:), but at least the mess in the house is getting more bearable (I can't blame it on Christmas it's just daily living with 3 small children).

We had a great Christmas. It was busy, but full of lots of family, good food, and fun. I know why big holidays only come around once a year, it takes that long to recover! Or to save up the money until next year:) In our family, December and January are saturated with birthdays as well as Christmas. Anyways, that's beside the point. We had a great weekend celebrating Jesus' birth with family. The kids were spoiled like crazy (big surprise here) and are throughly enjoying playing with their new things. So here's a little review in pictures. If I was less lazy, I would probably break this up into different posts, or at least put the pictures in a fun collage. BUT, I'm lazy:) So just bear with me.

First celebration: Granny and Papa's house on Friday
Kamdyn definitely got the hang of opening presents this year. She just went right to town and had a blast pulling her new things out of the bags and boxes.

Funny story......Kamdyn got this doll from Brian's Aunt Susan. It plays a song and dances. This quickly became a favorite of hers. That's all fine, but it only plays one song. And she likes to listen to it. Over. And over. And over. And over. We pretty much all have the song memorized (or maybe I just tell myself this so I don't feel like such a dork every time I sing along with it:)) Kamdyn has even started singing along, which is so stinking cute. The funny thing is that it annoys Eli more than anyone else. He gets so mad when she plays with that over and over. He is always trying to take it away from her and says, "mommy, will you take sissy's dolly away?" Too bad for him, I won't. It's not like she's the only one whose ever had an annoying's cute to see how much she loves it:) And the song is a catchy little tune:)

Second celebration: Grandpa Bob's house on Saturday
This little girl is such a lover. She makes me smile. We don't see my grandparents very often (totally my fault), but she acts like they are the best of friends every time she sees them. I know it brings them so much joy. She was loving sitting by my grandpa this day. He was just thrilled that this little munchkin was spending so much time with him:)
His smile melts my heart. I love him so much!

Eli is pretty good at the present opening thing too:) He stocked up on trains at grandpa's house, so he was one happy camper.
Little lover had to show her equal affection. Who knows what she was telling great-grandma about, but have no doubt that it was very profound.

Third celebration: Our house Christmas morning

Final Christmas: Nana's and Grandpa's house Christmas day

Eli got some really great things at my moms (and he loves everything NOW), but his cousin James got a set of train tracks.....Eli saw them on the floor and thought they were his. When I told him they weren't his, he had a break down. A serious one! I ended up opening the rest of his presents for him. Toddlers.
An attempt at a cousin picture. This is only going to be current for another month (can't wait to meet my new nephew!!). I think our error here was that I told each one of the kids that they could help hold Parker to get them all on the couch. There just wasn't enough of that little man to go around. Sorry Parker!!! I shouldn't have sold you out for a group shot (sadly this is the only group shot I have....and I didn't even get any family pictures. Fail!)

That was our Christmas in a nutshell. Lots of fun, but busy. I love the holidays, but they sure wear me out!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful Christmas!!! Love you guys!