Friday, January 27, 2012

Look who started cereal!!!

The most handsome little man sure did!

I finally got on the ball and started Parker on rice cereal. His first little taste of food (so glad he doesn't know all food isn't this gross, because this stuff tastes like cardboard....I know, I've tried it). I always start rice cereal on my kids around 4 months. Not because it miraculously helps them sleep better through the night (never makes a difference in my kids' sleep patterns), but because I want them to get used to the spoon for when they really start the good mush:) Parker started this about a month later than his brother and sister. Maybe subconsciously I was trying to delay this little babe of mine from growing up, but really, I just kept forgetting. I've had a box of the stuff waiting for his approval (or disapproval) since he was about 3 1/2 months old. Finally broke out the bowl and spoon about 2 weeks ago:)

I was pretty prepared for Parker to hate this stuff. Neither Eli nor Kamdyn were a fan of this stuff in the beginning. I was wrong. He is our first kid who actually liked it! And, he's already a pro with a spoon. Most kids (or at least our other two) were never really sure about what the heck to do with the spoon. Parker was opening his mouth like a pro after the second bite. He opens his mouth for me every time, and sometimes even gets a little impatient if I'm not fast enough for him. He still makes an amazing mess, but he gets far more in his mouth than I remember the other two doing for only being at it for two weeks. He's just trying to catch up to big brother and sister. He doesn't have far to go to catch up to his big sister on height and weight:):)

And now some pictures.
Warning: there are probably more pictures than most of you think necessary for the capturing of a Parker's first rice cereal experience, but I just could pick any less.....he's so stinking cute!!!

The infamous first bite face. Gotta love it. He's gotta be thinking....."that's not my milk!?!"

"Wait a minute. THis stuff isn't too bad!"
The only thing to do while you wait for mom to get another spoonful of cardboard-y goodness is chew on your bib. Yum Yum!
He got to where he started trying to "help" me. He was making sure I guided the spoon to the right place:)

And this is what started happening when I was too slow for his liking.

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