Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Always a little short....

It amazes me that one thing can get on my nerves so incredibly fast without really even doing anything. No, I'm not talking about Eli or Brian, I'm talking about our lovable four legged family member, Jake (keep reading Brian, I do actually have a positive spin on this post:)). He has the power to put me in the most annoyed mood just by being in the same room with me sometimes. It's a special power that I'm sure he would love to not have, but for whatever reason, he does. Some days I try to blame it on the pregnancy. But, in reality, I know that's not the case at all. He's always driven me nuts, it has just gotten worse since I started staying home. And truly, the amazing thing is, it's really not like he does anything wrong. He's just being Jake, and a dog, and it just grates my nerves so much that I want him out of the house. There are many days (well, let's be totally honest: MOST days)that I want nothing more than to have him gone. And if it were up to me, he wouldn't be around anymore. But, it's probably a good thing that that decision isn't up to me. Everything he does, down to how loud he is when he shakes out his body drives me crazy. I can't stand how I can't leave pillows on the couch or he drags them all over the house. He doesn't chew them thankfully, but who wants nasty dog slobber covering their pillows? I hate that we have a whole couch dedicated to his laying pleasure and it has a nasty, dirty quilt on it ALL the time. And of course, to further add to the annoyance, whenever people come over, that's the couch they always sit on! We do have a nice couch without dog hair all over it:). I can't stand the way he sniffs at your butt and crouch when you walk in the door, I hate how he goes crazy barking whenever anyone comes over, his bark:definitely annoying to me, how he has to be within a 2 foot radius, or touching Brian at all times, how he hovers over Eli when he's eating, when he licks the floor, the fact that he is truly incapable of sitting and staying when commanded, that he scratches the door when he wants in or out and won't stop until you do what he wants (really, I know just by looking at you standing at the door that you want out!), him tracking paw prints in the house, especially right after I've cleaned the floors. The list could go on and on. Our little furry family member just drives me nuts!
HOWEVER (here's the more positive side for you Brian), I love the patience that Jake has with Eli. He has his moments where Eli gets on his nerves (and who wouldn't when you constantly have someone wanting to pet/give you kisses), but Jake is extrememly patient and loving with Eli. Eli absolutely adores Jake. He's one of the first things he talks about in the morning and always likes to greet him with a hug or a kiss. Watching Eli with Jake truly does melt my heart. It's so adorable to watch the relationship that they have and how it grows and changes as Eli gets older. Also, I'm very thankful for the safety and security that Jake provides. If Brian is out late, it's always nice to know we have a fairly large dog protecting us if we need it. I know that he would never let anyone hurt any one of us. So, while it's safe to say that when Jake's time with us is up, we will probably not be dog owners for a while ( I would be okay with years and years, but Brian isn't ), i'm at least thankful for the little things that don't drive me nuts when it comes to Jake. I keep thinking that one of these days, I will actually be given the patience with him that I have with everyone else. So far it hasn't happpened, and believe me, I've tried. But maybe, just maybe, Jake will be lucky enough one day to not earn my frustrations.

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