Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nesting...or Just a Little OCD?

So I've recently been on a big kick organizing the house. Not just the baby's room, but everywhere. I even think of things while I'm laying in bed (should be sleeping, but ususally wake up because I'm thinking about these things). Most would probably say I'm in my nesting stage. Which could be partially true. I, however, think it has just a little bit more to do with my slightly obsessive compulvise organizational nature. I can't stand clutter and am constantly trying to rid our lives of it. This is something that I've had to work on a little bit in the past few years since Brian could care less about the clutter. He's a very clean person, but he just doesn't care if stuff is laying around. Also, we have this very crazy little one year old who feels like it is his duty to drive mommy crazy by spreading his things (and even household things) all over the house. I do often wonder if he intentionally tries to see how far he can get a toy or a pan from it original location. He does an amazingly good job.
My most recent "project" was our pantry. I'm so lucky to have this amazingly big pantry that I can put a ton of stuff in. But I tend to actually just throw stuff in there and not really care what it looks like since I shut the doors. For whatever reason, the other morning this just bugged me. So, when I was laying in bed before getting up ( I actually think I was half dreaming about our messy pantry and how badly I needed to organize it), I decided that Eli and I needed to head to target to do some jar/tupperware shopping to get a little organization in there (this is when I'm very thankful for a husband who just rolls his eyes, laughs, and says whatever, when I get on the these kicks). So, to target we went. And I found a ton of great stuff. You can tell you're getting older when the idea of new organizational tubs excite you:). Well, I was very excited about what I found. And I lucked out; Target had these great glass jars on sale for $5 dollars because they had red and green lids for Christmas. Our pantry doesn't care about lid color, and neither do I. So I was able to stock up on more than I would have originally been able to. I did have to stop myself from buying them totally out of stock, but I definitely got enough to get a good start. When we got home, Eli and I got to work. I was finally able to get rid of all of my stupid boxes of pasta and put them in a container. And I was able to jar up all of my extra flour/sugar/chocolate chips, ect (the baking section of the pantry was by far the worst. Looks amazing now:)). I even threw out some things that had been in there since we got married. Eli was such a great helper. He was trying to help me clean out. He kept taking the mac n cheese boxes out of the pantry into the living room. He gave a couple to Jake to watch over, and lined the rest up on our ottoman. He even pulled out a can of pepsi and some soup just in case he needed it. It kept him entertained for quite a while. Amazing the money we spend of toys when all we really need to do is let our kids go crazy in the pantry:). So.....our pantry is much more organized now. And even though I could probably buy about 12 more tubs and do way more work, I will take what I have for now. It already looks like a whole new place. And now, my mind's got the wheels going for my next "project". I'm thinking painting:). Now I just have to convince Brian to do it (this is always the hard part).

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