Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Huttons! We've had a busy 5 or 6 days full of lots of presents and family. I always love the holidays, but I'm always so exhausted by the time they are all over. Hopping from one house to another can get very tiring. Especially with a 16 month old who likes to run ALL OVER the place wherever we go. But, despite the business, we had a great Christmas. Eli seemed to enjoy himself a lot too. He didn't seem to care too much about presents this year, he was much too busy running all over the houses we were in.

We started the season off at Granny and Papa Huttons. This is probably the worst house to chase Eli around in. He's got so much room to run free that he just can't stand being in one place for too long. And, he always wants to be in the room that everyone else is not in:). If no one is downstairs, that's where you'll find Eli (playing with all of his granny's musical toys). If we are all in the basement, he wants to be upstairs. There's just no winning with him. So..... I have to give a big thanks to Brian for being a wonderful daddy this holiday season and doing the majority of the chasing. I did my fair share, but I can promise that Brian clocked more "chasing miles" this season. After naptime on Christmas Eve we braved the weather and headed to Udall for Christmas at the farm. Eli has never been there before or even met most of his family down there. He seemed to have fun; he just kept walking back and forth in the house. It was pretty funny.

Christmas day we started off opening some gifts and stockings at home. Again, Eli was more interested in other things than opening, but I know that this too will change sometime. After we got around we headed to nana and grandpa Beards. We opened gifts there and had a very yummy brunch. That night we headed back to granny and papa's for Christmas dinner and presents with Brian's grandparents and Aunts. Saturday we got a break from the holidays and just enjoyed spending some of our gift cards and playing with all of Eli's new toys at home. Last night we got together with Brian's aunt and uncle and cousins. And that's the end of it for now. We still haven't been able to do Christmas with Grandpa Baker yet, but we will sometime soon. Then maybe I will finally be able to get the house organized!

Even though I feel like the house has been total chaos for the last week, I did finally get the Christmas stuff down. Brian was probably the most sad to see it go. Eli doesn't really know the difference. And even though I'm still getting used to not seeing all of our decorations out, I'm loving not racing Eli to the tree. Now I only have to worry about him plugging things in when I have the vaccumm out:).

I don't know why we spend money of gifts for this kid. He loves to play with all the stuff we just have around the house. Here he is playing in his toy tub out in the living room. He just climbed right in like it's the most natural thing in the world.

Eli was much more interested in all of granny's singing toys than in any of his presents. He's not going to know what to do with when this little basket of goodies is gone

This is what 4 (almost 5) grandkids, 4 mommy's and daddy's, and 2 grandparents looks like. Santa was busy this year!

Eli in his very cool new hat. He's not a fan of it all the time, but he sure looks super cute in it.

Quite possibly one of Eli's favorite Christmas gifts. He got this from his Nana Beard in his stocking and he just carried it around for the longest time. He didn't even look at his toys until much later.

Eli's first bb gun. His red ryder gun. Don't worry, he's not allowed to use this for a very long time:). Besides, right now he's more interested in walking on the box.

Eli's new favorite book: Panda Bear Panda Bear what do you see. A very nice change from Brown Bear Brown Bear. I was getting sick of that one!

Here's my belly with Hutton #2 at 37 weeks. Three more weeks to go! I keep hoping that she might join us just a little bit earlier, but I'm thinking that that's definitely wishful thinking on my part. She's dropped just a tiny bit, but other than that, she's still sung as a bug. However, I did manage to not gain ANY weight over the course of week. GO ME! I was very happy about that. I was definitely surprised when I stepped on the scale at the dr. office today. I was actually nervous about looking at first because the holidays aren't usually very forgiving. But I managed to get lucky this week. We will see how lucky I am in the weeks to come.

Is this not the most mischievous grin ever. I don't even want to know what he's thinking.

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