Monday, December 21, 2009

Ready for occupancy

We officially have the baby's room all ready for her arrival. Well, technically, it's been ready for a pretty long time since we already had the crib and changing table and stuff. But, now it's suitable in my eyes. With the exception of her name on the wall (I know you would all be happy if we put it up now, but no such luck, we are holding out), we have it all ready. Now all we need is baby. That will be the tricky part. These kids have it too good in there, there's no telling when she might decide to grace us with her presence. I've come to grips that I will probably be a lot closer to my original due date with is January 19th, but that's okay. Whenever she decides to come will be great with us.

I've started my "weekly" appointments now. I enjoy going to hear the heartbeat and see if I'm making any progress to getting her here, but I can tell you I hate waiting. It always seems like they are behind at the doctor's office. I had an appointment today at 9:50, I finally made it out of there by 11. But, baby's healthy and that's all that matters. However, Dr. Feuille did inform me that I wouldn't be having her this week:). I could have told him that, like I said, she's got it too good in there. But we are very excited and anxious to meet her. I can't believe that in no more than 3 1/2 weeks (keeping my fingers crossed that it's a little less and definitely no more) we will be a family of 4. And it's so crazy to think that Eli won't actually be our baby anymore. I'm excited for him to meet his sister and for our family to be that much bigger.

Sadly though, I'm gaining weight very quickly. Being a stay at home mom and being pregnant during the holidays makes it very hard for a girl to keep her girlish figure. Especially when it's cold outside and I can't walk twice a day like I did when I was pregnant with Eli. Besides that, Brian's kids at school all gave him a ton of goodies for christmas. So, consequently, I'm sitting around eating the stuff because it's too delicious to leave on the counter (the oreo bon bons I made yesterday and McDonalds we ate for lunch can't help either). I think he's going to have to start requesting fruit and vegetables from his kids for holidays. I have a pound to go before I weigh as much as I did when Eli was born. I should really stop looking at the scale now, but I just can't help it. It's like a magnet, my eyes are drawn to it no matter how hard I try to look down. But maybe if I don't look from here on out, I can just be in a state of denial and the weight won't really be added on. What I don't know no one else has to know, right?:).

Here's a picture of the wall with the changing table. I just added these dots last week. I was trying to cover up some wall boo boo's. We don't know the paint color of the wall, so we can't actually just repaint the walls to cover all the scratches and stuff. And, I love this color, so I didn't want to change it anyways. So, we opted for dots. I'm glad we did. I love them and I think it gives the room a whole new look.

View looking in from the hallways. We found this perfect rug at Target. It has all the colors of her room on it; pink, brown, green, and even some blue.

Every girls dream. Her walk in closet and all of her cute little baby clothes. I have to say, I think my little sister is a little jealous. She would love a closest this big. I definitely have a ton more space to fill up with little girl clothes if I want.

Her crib and toy cubes. I had to change the cubes from boy colors to pink and brown. Of course, I had to get some cute pink sheets and blankets. My little dream accent is something I ordered from Uppercase living. It's probably one of my favorite things in the room (along with the dot wall).

Here Eli is helping us move the mattress up. He loves to play on mattresses, and anytime we have them out, he crawls on them and Brian usually bounces him up and down like crazy. He just kept sitting on top of it and trying to make himself bounce. Aren't the sheets cute? I saw some like this when I was pregnant with Eli, but couldn't get them because he was a boy. So excited I can finally do some pink!

This picture has nothing to do with the baby's room, but I had to add it in because I thought it was cute. Eli loves to try to wear our shoes when they are laying around the house. So here he is sporting my Uggs. He unfortunately couldn't walk in these at all. But he certainly tried:)

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