Friday, December 25, 2009

Random Thoughts

* I have decided that being an early riser has it advantages. It's always nice when I'm up early enough that I can have all of my house cleaning done by 8 in the morning. That sounds totally ridiculous I know, but I actually split my house cleaning days, so I don't really clean the whole house top to bottom in a few hours. But it is just so much easier to do all of that stuff without Eli underfoot. It's always an added bonus too if I'm up early enough to be able to do that stuff and then some, like knitting or reading. Sadly, that's happened several times in the last couple of months. I've decided that the baby is just trying to get me ready for getting up for early feedings again. I used to sleep until about 6:20 (which seemed plenty early for me), but now my standard is 5:30-5:45. Crazy I know. But, I just love being up early. Seeing the sun rise, and feeling like I've accomplished a lot before its even 10. I have a feeling that this too will pass one of these days; but for now, I'm going to enjoy my early morning alone time.

* I love all things Christmas. But as I've said before, I hate putting it up and taking it down. However, this year is different. I'm counting the hours until I can take the tree and stockings down. I think they are beautiful, and I know the house is going to seem so empty for a few days until we get used to it again; but I'm tired of the "great race" every time we walk in the door. Eli has such a fascination with the lights that we literally have to beat him to the tree everytime we walk in the door. The second you put him down, he's off to the electrical outlets. My hands are usually full, so I have to throw everything down just in order to beat him. Not to mention that bending over isn't nearly as easy as it normally is at this point in my pregnancy. I definitely lack grace when I do it. Eli's actually fairly good at getting the lights plugged into the socket, but it's just not something I like him to be so good and independent at yet. Besides, he will just sit there and plug them in a pull them out if he gets there before us. So, as sad as it is to see all the beautiful Christmas decorations down, they won't be around in our house much longer. I'm thinking that Saturday is a great day to get the house back in "non-Christmas" mode. Brian told me that they had to stay up until New Years, but I'm pretty positive they aren't going to survive that long in our house.

* I love pop tarts. I don't really know what it is about them, but I think I could survive on them as a breakfast food. They are a pretty standard breakfast for me, and it's not unusual for me to have pop tarts 5 or 6 times out of a week. It's definitely not the best thing I could be eating, but I just love them so much. They never get old! They are definitely a staple in our house (along with mac n cheese).

* I love crafting. It's kind of ironic that I do too, because I was never really a huge fan of any of it when I was younger. But now that I've gotten a taste of it, I can't stop. It started with knitting, then went to scrapbooking, and finally sewing. I think sewing is the most surprising of all. My grandma was always trying to get me interested in sewing when I was growing up. I wanted nothing to do with it. I thought it was the most boring thing ever and had no desire whatsoever to do it. But now, I love it. Out of all the crafting that I do, it's the most frustrating for me, but I keep going back to it. I go through spurts though. Recently I've been on a huge knitting kick (I think the cold makes me want to make scarves) and have been knitting scarves like crazy. Before that I was on a huge quilting kick and made a couple of quilts in a short amount of time. So now I'm back to scrapbooking. I feel like I've been negelecting my first love and have been working on Eli's scrapbook recently. I want to get fully caught up so that I don't have to play catch up when the baby is born. I kind of wish that I could do all of my hobbies for free, but I've decided that it is all totally worth it.

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