Thursday, December 31, 2009

Exploration Place

We have been trying to take advantage of Brian's time off. Since it's winter and so cold outside, we don't feel like braving the elements to go to the zoo. But, I know Eli goes a little stir crazy (and so do mommy and daddy) if we are just at home all day long. So.....I decided that we should give Exploration Place a try. Eli has actually been there several times before, but he was never big enough to actually get down and play. In fact, I think the last time we went, he wasn't even sitting up on his own yet, so he definitely wasn't into the play. That's definitely changed. They have this great area there that is for kids 3 and under. Everything is just his size and there's all kind of stuff to play with and lots of room to run around. I figured Eli would probably enjoy himself; he does love any toy that he's never played with before. He did have a blast and was so ticked when we left. He loved playing at the water table. He's always been such a water baby and the fact that the water was freezing didn't seem to faze him. Good thing, I sure wouldn't like to stick my hands in it for too long. He also loved playing on the big wooden boat. He had so much fun "steering" it. I'm thinking that this is a place that we probably just need to get a membership to. I know Eli would enjoy going much more often to play.

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