Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ticking Time Bomb

With only 2 weeks left until my actual due date, I've offical entered the "time bomb" zone. In other words, I feel sort of like a time bomb. I could go off at any time. I'm now entering that stage where I can no longer text people at random times, or call someone that I just don't normally call. Otherwise I will get the frantic "are you having the baby?!" And of course, I'm close enough now that I'm going to start getting the text messages from all of my loving friends asking if I've popped yet. No, not yet, and I can assure you all, you will definitely know when we have this kiddo:). I'm pretty confident that I still have at least a week or so before we get to meet our new one, but who knows, I could be wrong. And let the record state now that I would love to be proven wrong on this one. I didn't have any signs of going into labor with Eli until I was actually in active labor. So maybe this one is going to be the same way. The holidays are over and I'm getting bored with the normal hum-drum life. We are just so on the go during the Christmas season that it takes a little while to adjust to "normal" life again. So.... I'd say it's about time to shake things up with a newborn:). Not to mention the fact that I'm just very ready to hold and carry our little girl in my arms instead of inside me. I'm not gonna lie, as much as I truly love being pregnant, the lack of kicks to the inside of me and bladder are going to be a welcome feeling. So for now, we are still waiting and trusting in God's perfect timing (and praying that his timing might be somewhat close to my idea of perfect timing:)). So until then, you all will just have to wait around as anxiously as us for this "time bomb" to go off.

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