Thursday, January 7, 2010

6 more days...and some other random updates

Well, I had a very good dr. appointment this morning. To start with, I had just about the shortest wait my entire pregnancy! Always a plus. I don't really mind waiting too much, but sitting the waiting room gets very old very fast. Especially when I'm there every week (like I am right now) and when I'm only back there for a total of 3-5 minutes. Sometimes I wish you could just do call ahead dr. visits. I would obviously already have the appointment set up, but 30 before I'm due to be in, just call in and see how backed up they are. If he's already and hour behind at 9 in the morning (they open at 8:30, and trust me this has happened several times to me this time around) then I can just hang out at home for a bit; or at least go run some errands. Anways..... didn't have to wait long at all which was such a nice change. THEN, I found out that this baby is actually making some progress on her own. After pretty much no change the last two weeks, I didn't really know what to expect. I can't really say I blame her for wanting to hang out in me for as long as possible (it's unbearably cold outside!), but I'm kind of tired of carrying her around in there. It's not even that I'm miserable or totally uncomfortable, I'm just kind of tired of this belly around my middle. I'm ready for non-maternity clothes, for Eli to be able to actually sit on my lap again, shave my legs "easily", to be able to bend down without squatting or sticking my butt out as far as humanly possible, the list could go on:). Besides, I've decided that her "free rent" runs out on the 19th. So, needless to say, I was really hoping for some progress and big numbers at my drs. appointment. Well, I wouldn't say I had BIG numbers, but I did have numbers. The last 2 weeks I wasn't dialated at all, this week I was at a 2. WooHoo! We are getting somewhere. BUT......even more exciting is that if I don't have her by Wednesday they are going to induce me bright and early. So, if nothing else, Wednesday January 13th will be our lucky day. Now that I have an induction date set, I'm really hoping I can just hold out these final 6 days (and I'm really praying that she can hold out until after Saturday for her daddy's sake. Brian doesn't need one more thing to worry about other than getting his test taken). Eli was born on a Wednesday and on the 13th of the month. Plus, my mom's birthday falls on a 13th. So I'm thinking that it just might be a lucky number for my family and think it would be very cool to have her then (plus, Erin would win the day guess since she told me (before my appt) that that was her guess). Besides, it would be very nice to actually have Dr. Feuille deliver our kids. He is the one I see all the time and pay for afterall. All of the other drs. in the practice are great (Christman delivered Eli), but I'm just most comfortable with Dr. Feuille. So, we will see. Either way, we will have a new Hutton in no more than 6 days. I'm very very excited to finally meet her and hold her in my arms. And we are super excited to share her name with you all. It will be a little weird having two instead of just one, but I can't wait. The only thing I'm truly not looking forward to is not being able to see Eli for 2 days. He's such a part of my day to day life, it's going to be odd to not have his hugs and love whenever he's willing while I'm in the hospital. Good thing we have amazing family that he adores to watch over him while we are away.

Anyhoo.....onto other random bits. Eli is doing well. He has recently gotten 4 new teeth, all molars of course. So, after almost 17 months of life, the kiddo finally has more than 6 teeth! I was beginning to wonder if he was ever going to get any new ones. Now that these new teeth have broken through I'm hoping he gets a little less picky with the eating (so far it hasn't really done the trick, but I'm still holding onto hope). I've had to get kid of strict with him about certain things. I don't let him drink anything besides water an hour and a half or more before lunch or dinner. Otherwise he's too full of juice or milk to eat anything. I also have gotten to where I don't give him stuff he "wants" if he doesn't eat what I've given him for dinner. If he doesn't eat, he doesn't eat. I'm still pretty accomadating to his "likes" (this means he still gets chicken nuggets for just about every lunch and dinner). I also have been trying to get better about putting at least a little bit of what we are eating on his plate to try. So far, he's never given anything I put on there a try, but hey, at least I'm trying:). So, I'm hoping that we will start to make some progress with him and eating soon. If not, at least I know he's still getting enough, he definitely doesn't look like he's missing any meals.

On the subject of Eli's eating, I just have to share something kind of funny. At 17 months, he is already brand specific. He will only eat certain brands of things. He will only eat the Banquet brand of chicken nuggets (with the exception of McDonald's), he really only likes the great value brand of cereal bars, and he really only eats Pizza Hut pizza. Seriously? How did we get a kiddo that is that picky, especially when his daddy will eat almost anything (this would probably be my fault, I'm definitely the more picky of the two of us). Oh well, I just think it's kind of funny. So, if you ever open the freezer and wonder why we are stocked up on banquet chicken nuggets and not much else, you know why:)

Okay, last random thought (at least for now, I'm always thinking of things out of the blue). We are getting wood blinds tonight. So excited! We have been wanting them since we moved in, but just got around to getting someone out here for an estimate a week ago. Well, I got the call today that they are in and ready to be put up. So, he's going to come over and put them up this evening. Stay tuned for before and after pictures of that. I am looking forward to having actual blinds that I can easily open. The ones we have now work great for keeping any peeping toms from looking in (or geese for that matter where we live), but it's kind of annoying to open them up every morning. They have to go all the way up and then I have to put the cord above them so Eli doesn't strangle himself (this has been getting more difficult as my belly grows and limits my reach). Plus, I'm hoping they might keep out the heat and cold just a little bit better than our paper ones. We will see I suppose. Either way, I'm sure they are going to look fabulous!

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  1. I just discovered your blog! How exciting you are being induced on Wednesday! Best of luck.