Monday, January 25, 2010

First Bath

Well Kamdyn's first bath was actually over a week ago, but I'm just a little slow on getting it posted on here. So here you go! She didn't seem to totally hate it right away, but once she decided that she was a little cold, she wasn't a huge fan. She didn't seem to dislike it quite as much as Eli did for his first month of life, but she still got pretty ticked for a while. Eli was of course a big help. He was having a blast standing in the bathtub while daddy gave Kamdyn her bath. I don't think he was quite sure why he wasn't getting one too.'s cold in here!

This is the point that she decided that this whole bath thing wasn't quite as much fun as she originally thought.

Eli was checking the water temperature for his baby sister:)

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