Sunday, January 31, 2010

From Hats to Bows

It's been fun to be able to transition from all the fun hats we had with Eli to all the cute bows for Kamdyn. I have told myself I won't go overboard, and so far I haven't. I'm sure that my supply is going to increase in no time at all, but for now, Kamdyn has one headband that I can put bows on and one beanie I can put bows on. I loved all our fun hats for Eli, but I sure do love all the cute bows for Kamdyn. It's the best of both worlds!

Our little man when he was much more little in some of his fun hats. Brian always made fun of me for putting all of these fun hats on him, but hey, you gotta enjoy the fun stuff before they can protest right?

Kamdyn sporting her pink beanie with her flower bow. Brian liked the bow, but he kept telling me it was enormous. I tired to inform him he was wrong, I could go so much bigger. But.... I think bows that are bigger than my child's head are a little too big. This is the biggest bow that I believe she will ever wear.

Here is our beautiful little girl in her headbead and tiny bow.

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