Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brotherly, sisterly love

Okay, as promised, here are some more pictures of the "going-ons" around our house during Kamdyn's first week. Eli is so cute with his baby sister. He is always trying to love on her or pet her head. I'm not real sure she totally appreciates the petting, but she's too young to do anything about it. I try to not stop him too much, but Eli's gentle is entirely different than my idea of gentle on his new baby sister:). Still I'm thankful for a loving reaction to her as opposed to one where he can't stand her. Overall I think he's done an amazing job with a new member in the family. I think I'm having a harder time with it than him. Since he's our first, he's so used to getting all the attention. Needless to say, he definitely doesn't get it anymore. Especially since I nurse Kamdyn and our kiddos are slow eaters. I spend a good part of the day with a baby attached to me. But then I feel like a bad mommy for ignoring him. I'm thankful that Brian has been home to help us all adjust. Like I said, I think the adjustment is much harder on my end. But like all things, this stage will pass and before I know it or am ready for it, these two will be playing (hopefully not always fighting) with each other. But I have some new pictures for you all. We took our first family picture with the four of us, and I have some cute pictures of Eli holding Kamdyn for the first time. He was so proud. Very cute to see!
This is just about the goofiest picture of Eli. For obvious reasons, we had a hard time getting a truly good picture of the four of us where we were all looking at the camera. It will probably be nearly impossible to get a picture like that for years to come:) But I thought this one was pretty cute of Kamdyn. She actually looks like she's smiling ( I think she was actually getting ready to get ticked off, but looks can be deceiving). Our sweet little babies. Eli was so excited to hold his sister. When we put her on his lap he just got this huge grin on his face. Too cute! Gotta cherish these moments while they last and don't get on each other's nerves.

Eli loves giving hugs and kisses. Kamdyn doesn't look like she's enjoying this one too much, but she is pretty tolerant of Eli coming up to her and always touching her.
Petting his sister's head. For whatever reason, Eli really enjoys doing this too. He comes up to Kamdyn and pets her all the time.

Kamdyn had her first dr. appointment today. It went really well (other than the fact that we had to wait forever). Eli was slightly restless, but once I whipped out the goldfish he was a happy camper. I can only count on books keeping him occupied for so long, but as long as the goldfish supply doesn't run out we are golden:). At 6 days old Kamdyn is back up to her birth weight ( 6 lbs 15 oz.). She was 19 in long (at birth she was 19 1/2, so either she shrank or one of the readings was wrong:)), and he head has even grown a bit too. Dr. Morrow said she looks great and didn't see any problems with her. She is slightly tongue tied, but Dr. Morrow said she didn't think it would be a problem since she was latching on okay and obviously getting enough to eat and gain weight. She didn't seem to think we would have to clip it but we are going to keep an eye on it.
Well, that's all for now, my two hour feed free period is almost up. I'm gonna have to go wake daddy and daughter up to eat ( Brian only because he is holding her, otherwise he could keep on napping:)).

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