Sunday, January 24, 2010

Life doesn't get much better than this

As I've said before, naptime around our house has only gotten shorter and shorter. I usually get an hour where Eli is peacefully sleeping, and every once in a while Kamdyn might be sleeping then too. Well, the other day Eli woke up from his nap in his typical fashion; very very crabby. He's a very happy kiddo, and he's such a morning person. He almost always wakes up in a cheerful mood in the morning. But, there is just something about the afternoons that isn't so nice for him. He usually wakes up crying and takes a little while to calm himself down. So the other day Kamdyn and I were snoozing on the couch while Eli was sleeping. She was all warm and cozy, so I had Brian go get Eli from his room for me. He ususally likes to cuddle when he's in such a bad mood, but it was a little more complicated since Kamdyn was curled so peacefully in my arms. So, Brian just laid him down across my legs. I don't think this would be comfortable at all, but apparently it didn't phase Eli at all. He totally konked out laying across my legs. It was so sweet. He was just laying there rubbing his head and next thing we know, he's passed out. So, I had Kamdyn sleeping peacefully in my arms and Eli sleeping peacefully across my legs. One of the many rewards of being a mommy. Moments like this just melt my heart and it makes all of the other frustrating times so worth it. T

Thank you Lord for these two beautiful blessings in our lives. They make our lives so complete!

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