Monday, May 3, 2010

Does this diaper make my butt look big?

We have officially entered the world of cloth diapering in our house. I've actually had Kamdyn in them for a couple of weeks; I finally got the rest of the diapers I ordered so I finally put Eli in them too. I still put the kids in disposable diapers at night so I can wash the cloth ones. We have 18 total, so 9 for each kid. I'm not necessarily looking forward to always having a load of laundry to do every night, but I am very excited about using/buying less diapers. We've already cut back big time, and I've only had Kamdyn in them until 2 days ago. Hopefully we can get Eli potty trained before he outgrows the cloth ones. They are supposed to fit kids from 7-35 pounds. He's not there yet, but he's a beefy little boy, so he won't be able to wear them for too much longer. It's his gut that gets him:); he's still got room to grow in them though. I was curious to see how Eli would react to them. He's only ever know disposable diapers, so I wondered if he would notice the difference. He kind of walked around like he had something stuck up his butt when I first put it on, but he got used to it pretty fast. Now he likes them because they are fun colors.

The diapers have all these snaps on the front to adjust to fit the size of the kid. Kamdyn's are still on the smallest setting, but Eli's are on the biggest like the picture below.

Check out this little lady's rolls! Love those thighs. They are great to tickle:)

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