Friday, May 28, 2010

I think it's time to start using the straps

The other night I was feeding Kamdyn her rice cereal in her bouncy chair on the table. The bouncy chair has been a permanent "centerpiece" on our table since we brought Kamdyn home. It started out on the floor, but darling big brother Eli likes to climb in and out of it too much. I didn't know if the chair could handle his 28 pound little body pushing all over it, and I was not about to give up my bouncy chair. That thing was a lifesaver with Eli, and Kamdyn seems to enjoy it too. Anyways, I finished feeding her and cleaned up and went to the bedroom to put some things away and just left her there on the table. This is what I walked out to a few minutes later....

This little wiggle worm has scooted herself to the bottom and edge of the chair. YIKES! I may not be nominated for poor mommy of the year award for not putting sunscreen on my kids when we go to the park, but I might be a runner up if I allow my four month old to launch herself off the kitchen table. Needless to say, she is always buckled up now. This is new territory for me, Eli wasn't much of a wiggler. I would put him anywhere until he was about 9 months old and know he wasn't going to go anywhere. Not so with this little one; our little wiggle worm.

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  1. This is the age James was when he launched himself off our bed. I set him in the center of the queen bed adn went to get a clean shirt for myself. He got mad and scooted right off the bed. I was terrified, as was he. Luckily he survived, but I agree... it's time for the straps.