Thursday, May 27, 2010

Girls Day Out

This past weekend Kamdyn and I went to Hutchinson for a little bit of a girls day. One of my besties, Heather, lives there. She and her husband Andy moved to Hutch just a few days after Eli was born. Life got busy, and we both got horrible about ever getting together after she moved. So, we decided to just make it a monthly ritual to get together. We alternate months, she comes to us one month, we go to her the next. We've been doing this since Kamdyn was born, and I know Kamdyn and I enjoy our girl time with Heather:) Anyways, this month was our turn to go to Heather. So, we left Eli and Brian to have a "boys day" and headed to Hutch. We met at Carriage Crossing for lunch. I have always wanted to eat there because I've heard it is really good but have never gone there. It was pretty yummy, we both refrained from dessert, but I think next time I go I will have to cave. FYI, I found out that any whole pies still left by 6 pm go on sale for $6 (this info is especially for you Mary, I know how you love their chocolate pie:)). After lunch we went back to Heather's place to hang out and catch up. Kamdyn took a little snooze, and we headed home.

(Yes I'm a dork, but I took pictures of the sign. Just wanted to document this moment:). I've been wanting to eat here for a long time)
Heather and Kamdyn cuddling

Kamdyn and I are already looking forward to next month:)

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