Sunday, May 2, 2010

Keeper of the Plains

Last Sunday I talked Brian into going down to the river for a walk. It was crazy windy, but he unexpectedly didn't have to do security at church, and I had been wanting to go for a walk by the river for a long time. Every time Eli and I go to Exploration Place, he goes nuts over the water and ducks he sees on the river, so I had been promising him we would come back sometime and go for a walk. Because of the nutso wind, we didn't get to do a whole lot of walking, but we did get walk around a bit and see the keeper of the plains. I just think this is about the coolest thing ever. And they did an awesome job when they raised the keeper up so you could actually see it from the road. I want to go back sometime at night when they have the fire lit up around it.
Brian and I also think this is a really cool bridge. We aren't really sure why they picked this particular design, but it sure looks pretty cool.

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