Saturday, May 15, 2010

Eli, where's your nose?

This kid spends a good portion of his day with his finger up his nose. Totally disgusting, I know. I guess I should just be happy that he's not content with boogers hanging out of his nose all the time, he always finds them. Hunting for hidden treasure:). I think the worst part is that whenever he finds a little "treasure" from his nose, he likes to give it to me (or Brian, whoever is closest really:)). Again, I guess I should be thankful that I don't find dried up boogers all over our furniture, but I don't really like booger fingers in my face. Enough said!

P.S. This fascination with boogers and his finger up his nose is probably partially my fault since I'm always picking at my kids. He's just learning from the best:) (and no, I don't sit around with my finger up my nose all day!!). I just don't like boogers hanging from ones nose.

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